Specialty Martinis


traditional martini, served chilled, straight up with kalamata olives & a twist

The Dirty VEGAtini

with a little bit of olive juice

The COSMOtini

vodka, cranberry, orange liquer & lime juice

The Caipirini

cachaca, fresh limes & mint

The Ruskini

vodka & coffee liquer

The Mochatini

vodka, chocolate liqueur & espresso bean

Green Martini

vodka, midori & kiwi slice

The Appletini

apple liqueur & vodka citron

The Mandarini

orange infused vodka with mandarin puree

The Pristini

Absolut Kurant, raspberry liquer & currants

the itty bitty teenie weenie

half sized version of any of the above martinis


double version of any of the above

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